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Luftronix To Demonstrate Autonomous Aircraft Inspection

09 June 2016

Luftronix To Demonstrate Autonomous Aircraft Inspection Using Centimeter-Level Precision Navigation at Humanitarian “Do Tank”

CAPE MAY, NJ: Luftronix, maker of precision-navigation technology for drones, will demonstrate an autonomous aircraft inspection at the Drones in Disaster “Do Tank”, hosted by the Field Innovation Team (FIT) on June 22 and 23.

A vintage F-14 jet, on display at the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum (, will be used for the demonstration. A Luftronix drone will perform a Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO) inspection of the aircraft, illustrating how inspectors may identify areas needing maintenance or repair without having to leave the safety of the ground. Luftronix’s precision navigation with centimeter-level positioning allows inspectors to create detailed reports and eliminate many of the manual tasks involved in a traditional inspection. Automating an inspection significantly reduces the time out-of-service for an airline.

“Our technology goes beyond aircraft inspection,” says Denise Spell, co-founder of the company. “Drones are increasingly being utilized in search and rescue missions after disasters. Luftronix technology allows drones to fly through tunnels, over areas of collapse, through GPS-denied environments, and still be able to find those in need of rescue, and drop critical supplies until help can arrive.”

Luftronix has partnered with FIT (, The New Jersey Innovation Institute (, and The United Nations ( to showcase drone innovation and use in disaster and humanitarian relief. The “Do Tank” is a design workshop that will feature the latest drone technology. In addition to Luftronix’s in-hangar aircraft inspection, events will include a ship-to-shore delivery of blood samples from drone delivery company Flirtey (, and a demonstration of of amphibious drones by Rutgers University ( The event is supported by Cape May County ( and Atlantic Cape Community College (

Luftronix is a joint venture founded in 2015 by Roman Pavlyuk, Klaus Sonnenleiter, Denise Spell and ELEKS Corp. They represent a team with decades of experience in the field of aerospace, avionics, software, data collection, and data management. The Luftronix Fused Flow™ precision navigation system has applications for aerospace, agriculture, entertainment, and the military. For more information, contact Denise Spell at or visit